What we are looking for 

We are very interested in buying your exceptional and well documented American medal groupings.   Most of the groupings purchased go on loan to The National Leadership Foundation. The Foundation facilitates education programs about leadership and great American leaders. You are welcome to visit them at www.nationalleadershipfoundation.org to learn more.  

 There is a substantial budget available for well documented American military medal groupings.   Please call or email us if you have an groupings from WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam or the Gulf War. We are looking for medal groupings and documents for recipients of following:

The Air Force Cross

Navy Cross

Distinguished Service Cross from any 20th century war Recipients of three or more silver stars from Vietnam and later  


We are also interested in in medal groups from anyone who was a first (i.e., first soldier to fire a gun from an airplane), or a most (i.e.,  most sniper kills of the Korean War).


In addition we are looking for medal groups from anyone who served as Commandant of the Marine Corps, Army Chief of Staff, Air Force Chief of Staff, or  Chief of Naval Operations, as well as anyone who served as a division commander or above during a 20th century armed conflict. 


Finally, we are also looking for any original purple hearts with documentation that were sent to Japanese Americans in internment camps, American Military officers who received British awards and orders, and a Doolittle raider group.


Please reach out to either at:




Thank you