MG John A. Dillard 

Name of Veteran: John A. B. Dillard


AAC Tracking Number #5459


Item Location: Currently on loan to The National Leadership Foundation


Provenance and Tracking History: 11/5/ 2016 Purchase from Lock Stock and Barrel Investments who auctioned off entire estate.  Was not able to purchase all KIA letters, only the Nixon one.


Items in the Group Specifics:


Why is the group Special: Medal grouping belonging to the highest ranked officer killed during the Viet Nam war.


Information About the Veteran:

John A. B. Dillard (September 1, 1919 – May 12, 1970) was a United States Army major general who was killed in action on May 12, 1970, in South Vietnam. General Dillard was one five U.S. Army general officers killed in action in the Vietnam War.

General Dillard was married to Betty L. Hawkins and had three children, John A. B. 3rd, Gerry and Revalee. General Dillard graduated from the Virginia Military Institute, Class of 1942 with a BS degree in civil engineering.

General Dillard served as a Platoon Leader and Company Commander in Europe during World War II. During the Korean War from July 1952 until July 1953, he served as a Battalion Operations Officer with the 25th Infantry Division in South Korea. In November 1969, General Dillard was assigned to South Vietnam as Chief of the Engineer Command.

On 12 May 1970, Major General Dillard and nine other Americans were killed when a UH-1 helicopter they were aboard was hit by enemy fire and crashed in the Central Highlands, 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Pleiku and 220 miles (350 km) northwest of Saigon. Also killed was Colonel Carroll Edward Adams Jr.(posthumously promoted to brigadier general), commander of the 937th Engineer Group. Sergeant Major Robert W. Elkey was the only survivor and was seriously injured.