Major General Harold M. Blakely

Name of Veteran: Major General Harold Blakely


Group Name: Silver Star Order of the Crown


AAC Tracking Number #5467


Provenance and Tracking History: Medals and other items consigned by the family to Jewel Eubanks California Auctioneers.  The items were sold in lots 196A, 196B , and 197C on August 26, 2013


Items in the Group Specifics: Extensive group with too many items to list individually, but the whole medal grouping includes:

Original award document for the Silver Star

Original Award Document for the Legion of Merit

Original award document for the Croix De Guerre

Photo of Blakely receiving the Silver Star


Why is the group Special: It is a medal grouping from a veteran who commanded a division in WW2


Information About the Veteran:

Born in Malden, Massachusetts on December 29, 1893. Attended Boston University 1915-1917. Commissioned in the Field Artillery in 1917. Graduated from Command and General Staff School in 1936. Instructor at the Field Artillery School 1936-1938. Graduated from the Army War College in 1939. Instructor at the Command and General Staff School 1939-1940. Commander of 6th Field Artillery 1940-1941.

Commander of 5th Armored Division Artillery 1941-1942. Brigadier General in June 1942. Commanding General of Combat Command "A", 5th Armored Division 1942-1943. Commanding General of 4th Infantry Division Artillery, then 4th Infantry Division 1944-1946. Major General in March 1945. Retired in April 1946.

Silver Star Recipient