Rear Admiral Myron C Cheek

Name of Veteran: Myron C Cheek


Group Name: Navy Cross Group


AAC Tracking Number #5477


tem Location: Currently on loan to The National Leadership Foundation


Why is the group special: Many of the award documents were signed by Admiral William F. Bull Halsey.  Cheek in many ways was one of the real brains behind many of the things the third fleet did. 


Information About the Veteran:

Case Cheek, USN(R) (October 18, 1888 – June 20, 1969) was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy Reserve. During World War II, he served as an intelligence officer in the Pacific and was a member of Admiral Bull Halsey’s Dirty Tricks Department. After retiring from the Navy, he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency.

World War II

As a lieutenant commander at the outbreak of World War II, in September 1942 he received the Navy Cross "For distinguished service in the line of his profession as Intelligence Officer of the Sixteenth Naval District in the city of Manila" during which he volunteered for a number of assignments which brought him under enemy fire. He was sent to Corregidor and later to Australia along with a million pesos of Philippine government funds.

Promoted to commander, he became part of Admiral William F. Halsey's Third Fleet staff and part of its unofficial "Dirty Tricks Department," which also included Rear Admiral Robert Bostwick Carney, Commander Harold Stassen, Captain Ralph E. Wilson, Captain Leonard J. Dow, and Commander Horace D. Moulton.

During his time with the Third Fleet he was awarded the Legion of Merit twice, and the Bronze Star. He was promoted to captain on August 1, 1943

Captain Cheek returned to his role in the reserves as a commander after the war, but was promoted to captain on July 25, 1949, with relative precedence to his previous promotion to captain, and rear admiral on November 10, 1949.

Post-war career

He went to work for the Central Intelligence Agency where he received the Intelligence Medal of Merit for his service. He retired from government service in 1958.